Hi, I'm Keaton.

Storyteller. Dreamer. Light Chaser.

Photographer for 10+ years. Light chaser for 30 and counting. Based in Georgia. Ready to Explore.

Life is a series of darkness and light. Each are important to your story. Let me help you tell yours.



Mom to two growing girls, wife to a loving husband. My journey in photography started when my youngest was born as a way to create something tangible out of the emotion of it all. Photography continues to be an outlet for healing + growth + artistic expression.


I have a degree in English - Creative Writing and am passionate about finding and creating stories. I am currently only able to accept a limited number of sessions per year. Because of the other commitments in my life, most sessions take 4 weeks for completion.


I believe in documenting the every day. The mess. The beauty. It's all part of your journey. My shooting style consists of posed portraits, with whispers of the in-between moments: tiny wisps of hair, laughs, tears, peaks of light. Nothing is too small to be significant.